Official iTunes integration version released

The 1.1.0 is now released, bringing the iTunes integration.
Giving, in addition to the classic playlist mode, the ability to use iTunes library features and (remote) control abilities.

Audirvana Plus demoed on Esoteric at Malmö Hifi Show

Audirvana Plus has been used as the source of choice for demoing the ultra high end Esoteric electronics and the Amphion loudspeakers at the Malmö Hifi Show last 5-6 November, in Sweden.

There were two setups: one with a Macbook Pro connected to an integrated RZ-1 system,
and the other one with a headless Mac Mini connected to a K-03 DAC/SACD player, C-03 pre, A-03 poweramp feeding Amphion Argon 7L speakers.

Many thanks to Patrik Klangerstedt from KAVENA Multimedia for the pictures.