Great 6moons review!

Audirvana got a good review in 6moons by Frederic Beudot.

It comes first in a comparative review of the audiophile players for OS X:

“(…) Audirvana deliver excellent musical performance with great ease and flow and minimal digital glare.”

“For now then my nod for playback software goes to Audirvana”

“Where the software truly separates itself in my mind is its stability and complete absence of glitches. I still have to see the computer or iTunes freeze up when Audirvana runs.”

“Considering that the difference in price is more or less equal to a single high-resolution download, I won’t hesitate for a second to recommend that you skip over D. and B. and head straight for Audirvana.”

 The full review is available here.

Update: A follow-up review has been posted on 6Moons, with a review of the new Direct Mode by the publisher (Srajan Ebaen): 

“Based on my own experiments, I’ll loudly join Frederic in naming Audirvana the as yet best-sounding Mac-centric music player I’ve tried. Except that in direct mode it’s even better than he’s already called it!”