New review: IT Enquirer

Another great review from IT Enquirer, giving a 10/10 to Audirvana Plus.

“The resulting sound was nothing short of breathtaking”

“the best sound characteristics I have heard in years, and certainly the best of what digital music players can offer”

The value of Direct Mode and further enhancements

Direct Mode has arrived with release 1.4, and this is marking a strong step forward in the quest for the ultimate sound quality, always with very strong stability (so much that I’ve got reports Audirvana Plus is now used in large live performances with thousands of spectators!)

This is now a long way since 1.0 was released, with the iTunes integration, the SACD ISO playbacks with cataloguing in iTunes (along with all numerous playable file formats), and now Direct Mode. 1.5 (still free upgrade) will bring AU/VST plugins support for applying filters including room correction, and multichannel.

This is why its price for all new customers (the 1.x upcoming upgrades will remain free for current customers) is adjusted to be on par with the new standard set by Audirvana Plus in sound quality on the Mac platform. It is still at a very competitive position compared to competition, set at 59€ or 74$

And as we are entering the Holiday Season, there is a strong discount until January 5th, that makes Audirvana Plus price stay at 39€ or 49$ for any new orders.

Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!