Audirvana Plus 2.1: Enhancing the onboarding Experience

The modern library management features of Audirvana Plus bring strong convenience for sorting all your music tracks & albums. Helping to quickly find the piece you want to hear now, in this genre, from this artist. Or even easily perform A/B listening of the same classical piece by different performers.

The albums view to scan visually through the album cover images, or the tracks list view with its structured filter browser to quickly zero on The track in a hierarchical refining manner are very powerful tools.

But… all these need the audio files in the music library to have the proper metadata, and especially the album information ones. And this is not always the case, especially when coming from proprietary database librarian, or by just using the Finder hierarchy of file folders (and no library manager). Even more, some audio files formats like WAV, DSDIFF (.dff), are quite often missing any metadata.

The new Audirvana Plus 2.1 helps you in the on boarding to the full library management experience by:

  • Understanding file folders missing album metadata as albums in the album view, enabling to see them as if they were already actual albums. Option is then proposed to convert them to albums, storing in the files the album metadata
  • Retrieving all the iTunes album art information, even the one stored only in its database to have all albums with their cover image after just asking to synchronize the iTunes library. It is then proposed to save these hidden album images in the audio files metadata
  • And for those not yet ready to fully benefit from the library, it is possible to temporary add files directly in the Play Queue. This can be done by either drag files, folders, .m3u playlists from the Finder, or tracks from iTunes and drop them directly in the Play Queue, or use the “Open with…” command of the Finder on audio files.

And the good news is that this new major release is free as will be all the upcoming 2.x ones for all Audirvana Plus 2 users.