On OS X 10.11.5 and iTunes 12.4 updates

Apple has just released two updates that break compatibility:

  • iTunes 12.4 breaks compatibility with some commands of the scripting interface used to control it, causing crash for applications that use them. Audirvana Plus has been updated in its version to be compatible with both iTunes 12.4 and earlier versions, in its legacy iTunes integrated mode.
  • OS X El Capitan 10.11.5: May 21st update: Audirvana Plus has been updated in its version to have Direct Mode compatible with 10.11.5. No more need to replace the kernel extension.
    Apple has unfortunately introduced a regression with 10.11.5 update that breaks Direct Mode.
    Until they fix it, you have to disable Direct Mode (option in Audio System page of preferences) to get playback to start.
    If you are Terminal-savvy, there is a way to get it back: you can replace the faulty kernel extension of 10.11.5, IOAudioFamily.kext, located in /System/Library/Extensions, by one from a former El Capitan version, if you have a backup. You may need to disable SIP to make this operation.