Audirvana Plus 3.1 released

Audirvana 3.1 now enables to play to UPnP/DLNA network players to benefit from the great sound quality of Audirvana Plus even when the Mac is not directly connected to the audio system.

Audirvana Plus 3.1 was developed:

– thanks to the help and close collaboration with the Pioneer & Onkyo Group who actively participated in the development of this new version of the software by providing support including a wide range of representative models of network players (Pioneer N-70AE, Pioneer N-50AE, Pioneer N-30AE, Pioneer N-70A, Pioneer N-50A, Onkyo NS-6130) and the Home Cinema Receiver VSX-1131.

– and in close collaboration with the manufacturer Sonore who allowed the compatibility of the following products (microRendu, ultraRendu, Sonicorbiter SE, Signature Rendu SE)

In order to easily identify the network players that have been tested and certified as compatible with Audirvana Plus 3.1, Audirvana Plus created a new sticker called « Works With Audirvana Plus ».

Audirvana Plus 3.1  is available for:

  • $74 (or €64 excl. VAT)  for new customers
  • $39 (or €34 excl. VAT)  for any Audirvana Plus user of a previous version – Audirvana Plus 1 or Audirvana Plus 2
  • Free Upgrade for any customer who already purchased Audirvana Plus 3