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Audirvana Plus 3.0.2 released with opt-in MQA device detection

Please note: The MQA devices automatic detection is now optional. If you have a MQA DAC, you need to enable it in the Audio System page of the preferences as shown in the screenshot below: This is needed as the “are you MQA able?” request send to some DACs make their USB interface crash. This […]


  Browse Qobuz complete catalog, manage your playlists, play Qobuz music directly from inside Audirvana Plus And get a 1 month free trial of Qobuz HiFi once you have purchased Audirvana Plus 2


  Browse TIDAL complete catalog, manage your playlists, play TIDAL music directly from inside Audirvana Plus And get a 3 months free trial of TIDAL HiFi once you have purchased Audirvana Plus 2

Audirvana Plus 3 integrates MQA decoding

Audirvana Plus 3, announced at CES 2017, is the first audiophile player that integrates the MQA Core Decoder, enabling: MQA capable audio devices to benefit from the complete MQA audio quality. In this case Audirvana Plus continues to bring the strongly audible Sound Quality improvement of its optimized audio engine. Non MQA capable audio devices to […]

2016 in review

2016 has been a great year for Audirvana Plus, with major new features: TIDAL and HIGHRESAUDIO VirtualVault complete integration Rewritten database engine bringing strong improvements in the library manager performance and reliability. And this makes navigation a breeze even with huge database as it has been proven with a 270k+ tracks library Multiple Artists per […]

Audirvana Plus 2.6: major update

The new release 2.6 is now available. That is a free update for any user of Audirvana Plus version 2. This update includes: Improvements in the library manager performance (proven with a 270k tracks library) and reliability, thanks to the rewritten database engine ReplayGain and Loudness Dynamic Range analysis Management of multiple artists per track […]

The winner of HighResMac great test of TIDAL players

“Audirvana Plus 2 is an excellent choice for access to Tidal (…) the audio quality is beyond any doubt. Crisp heights, warm mids, full basses, all transparent and authentic, as well as other recordings and listening opportunities – anyone who is thinking about a Tidal subscription can rely on Audirvana.” Read more on HighResMac

macOS 10.12 Sierra

Apple has just released macOS 10.12 Sierra that has a regression that breaks Direct Mode. Until they fix it, or I find a user friendly workaround, you have to disable Direct Mode (option in Audio System page of preferences) to get playback to start. In Audirvana Plus 2.5.4, it is disabled by default. If you […]

Music Browsing & Discovery in TIDAL

Enjoy this video that shows the new features for Browsing and Discovering Music in TIDAL. It shows the navigation features in the just released Audirvana Plus 2.5.3: All albums titles, artists names are hyperlinks to show the whole album, artist albums Albums descriptions with embedded hyperlinks Artists biographies with embedded hyperlinks All people involved in albums, with […]