Audirvana Plus 3.1 public beta is available!

With Audirvana Plus 3.1 your audio files can be sent to a network player to benefit from the sound quality of Audirvana Plus even when you Mac is not hooked to your audio system.

Audirvana Plus 3.1 prepares the working process of the network player:

  • Any PCM format audio file is sent to a non-compressed WAV format thus, avoiding the network reader from performing decompression calculations potentially harmful to the sound quality,
  • Any DSD format audio file can be transmitted directly decompressed (or transcript to PCM if the network drive does not support the DSD)
  • The MQA decoding is performed before being sent to the network drive, thus enabling the network reader to read the Hi-Res content of the MQA file.
  • All audio filters (such as “Upsampling to PCM and DSD”, “AudioUnits effects” (e.g. for equalization and digital room correction)) are available.
  • Please note “realtime setting of AudioUnits” is not available when playing to a network player.

The public beta can be downloaded from Audirvana “beta 3.1” forum. And you can also report your test findings there.