Audirvana Plus – The Ultimate Sound Quality

  • Bit-perfect playback

    The DAC sample rate is automatically switched to the audio file original one to ensure unaltered signal is played.

    All internal processing is done using 64 bit precision to eliminate information loss due to rounding errors.

    In addition, optional processing can be configured for upsampling, volume control, and Audio Unit plugins.

  • Shortest audio signal path

    Advanced optimizations:

    • Audio device Exclusive Access
    • Direct Mode
    • Integer Mode
  • Full Memory Play

    File loading, processing, converting to DAC native format are all done before playback to minimize any possible interference

  • SysOptimizer

    SysOptimizer can be configured to stop the OS X background services potentially interfering with sound quality, and give to Audirvana Plus the extreme priority during playback to ensure the maximum signal streaming precision.