Next steps: iOS remote App, Qobuz integration

To enjoy the beautiful sound quality and efficient music cataloging, a remote app for your iPad/iPhone is the next step for the comfort use from your listening position sofa.

I’m currently working on the iOS Remote app for Audirvana Plus that will enable you to control playback of Audirvana Plus, and much more…


Streaming music source integration will come next, to give the opportunity to play from such nearly unlimited music libraries.

Qobuz, with its unique proposal of lossless streaming, will come first.


Qobuz is the first and only Hi-Fi online music service that provides access to all labels (independent and major) and all artists across all genres.
Qobuz offers

  • –  Unlimited music subscriptions in 16-bit/ 44.1 kHz “True CD Quality”
  • –  Downloading of 16-bit/ 44.1 kHz for the entire catalogue (more than 20 million titles)
  • –  Downloading of up to 24-bit/ 192 kHz on a large selection of “Qobuz Studio Masters” titles(more than 25,000 albums)

    Qobuz also provides extensive information on catalogue releases, including thousands of digital booklets and exclusive high quality editorial content.

    Qobuz aims to provide the world’s best music service, and there are currently a large number of releases and services offered exclusively by us. Access to the service is available in specific countries.

    Find Qobuz on : // // @qobuz Press

New review in

Обзор Audirvana Plus — плеер для тех, кто хочет максимума

The review is available here

Audirvana Plus 2.0 review by IT Enquirer

Great review from IT Enquirer : Crystal-clear & perfectly manageable: Audirvana Plus 2 music player

“Now, Audirvana Plus 2.0.1 has been released, and I am starting to see the light. Audirvana Plus 2 outperforms everything else”

“With regards to the music asset management, I’m a fan, a huge fan.”

“In contrast [to other player], Audirvana Plus 2.0.1 seems not to add anything to your music — just the sound as it was recorded.”

Audirvana Plus 2.0 is now released

It’s here!

The trial version is available to everyone, including for use on Macs that had already tried a 1.x version.

The major update to Audirvana Plus is coming!


Audirvana Plus 2.0 is bringing a full featured library manager that will enable you to catalog all your music with easy to use user interface, and provide advanced metadata editing with even advanced tags like conductor, ensemble or period!

New license price will remain unchanged at $74 or €59.
Upgrade for 1.x owners will be at a low $39 or €31.
(Note that VAT may apply for purchases in European countries)

Stay tuned for the 2.0 release in the very next few days!

More reviews

Among recent great reviews on Audirvana Plus:

  • Hifi & records (Ausgabe 3/2013): “Klanglich ist Audirvana derzeit wohl der Mac-Player mit der hôchsten Transpa- renz und der schônsten Feinzeichnung.”
  • Vous et Votre Mac (N°89, mai 2013): “il est difficile de prendre en défaut Audirvana Plus. Ses concurrents n’ont pas d’arguments plus percutants, alors qu’ils affichent un placement tarifaire plus élitiste. C’est donc un logiciel que je vous recommande chaudement.”
  • PC Advisor May 2013: “If you enjoy music from your computer, you owe it to your ears to hear how Audirvana Plus can nurture the hidden sound of your ripped collection.”
  • Positive Feedback (Issue 67, May/June 2013): “I’m settling on Audirvana Plus as my new standard. I can’t think of a higher compliment”
  • AudioHolics review (August 2013) : “On the Mac, the clear sound quality winner, to me, was Audirvana”
  • HighResMac 18.09.2013: “ist Audirvana Plus sicher einer der besten Player am Markt und mein persönlicher Favorit”

Audirvana Plus awarded 2012 Product of the Year Readers Choice by Computer Audiophile



Computer Audiophile Reader voted for Audirvana Plus as the “2012 Product of the Year Readers Choice“. And with more than 75% of the votes!

The Computer Audiophile website is THE world reference in the HiFi universe.

Indeed, it is one of the first sites that has offered audiophiles effective solutions in order to dematerialize their music. The Computer Audiophile Forum brings together music enthusiasts from around the world. So these music lovers could share tips to achieve the best Sound Quality.

That’s why this award is a true recognition of the international audiophile community towards Audirvana Plus.

Thanks to all the members of this terrific audiophile site.  And special thanks its founder, Chris Connaker

New review: IT Enquirer

Another great review from IT Enquirer, giving a 10/10 to Audirvana Plus.

“The resulting sound was nothing short of breathtaking”

“the best sound characteristics I have heard in years, and certainly the best of what digital music players can offer”

The value of Direct Mode and further enhancements

Direct Mode has arrived with release 1.4, and this is marking a strong step forward in the quest for the ultimate sound quality, always with very strong stability (so much that I’ve got reports Audirvana Plus is now used in large live performances with thousands of spectators!)

This is now a long way since 1.0 was released, with the iTunes integration, the SACD ISO playbacks with cataloguing in iTunes (along with all numerous playable file formats), and now Direct Mode. 1.5 (still free upgrade) will bring AU/VST plugins support for applying filters including room correction, and multichannel.

This is why its price for all new customers (the 1.x upcoming upgrades will remain free for current customers) is adjusted to be on par with the new standard set by Audirvana Plus in sound quality on the Mac platform. It is still at a very competitive position compared to competition, set at 59€ or 74$

And as we are entering the Holiday Season, there is a strong discount until January 5th, that makes Audirvana Plus price stay at 39€ or 49$ for any new orders.

Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

New Reviews

Audirvana Plus has been reviewed in the September editions of The Absolute Sound (USA) and Hi-fi+ (UK)

A great review on The Audiophile World on the Direct Mode beta that “provides a true Reference Audio Standard level of listening pleasure”

And on AudioStream on the that “sets the bar for OSX music playback software”

Great 6moons review!

Audirvana got a good review in 6moons by Frederic Beudot.

It comes first in a comparative review of the audiophile players for OS X:

“(…) Audirvana deliver excellent musical performance with great ease and flow and minimal digital glare.”

“For now then my nod for playback software goes to Audirvana”

“Where the software truly separates itself in my mind is its stability and complete absence of glitches. I still have to see the computer or iTunes freeze up when Audirvana runs.”

“Considering that the difference in price is more or less equal to a single high-resolution download, I won’t hesitate for a second to recommend that you skip over D. and B. and head straight for Audirvana.”

 The full review is available here.

Update: A follow-up review has been posted on 6Moons, with a review of the new Direct Mode by the publisher (Srajan Ebaen): 

“Based on my own experiments, I’ll loudly join Frederic in naming Audirvana the as yet best-sounding Mac-centric music player I’ve tried. Except that in direct mode it’s even better than he’s already called it!”

The Sound Quality redefined: Direct Mode BETA available

Direct Mode shortens further the audio signal by bypassing all CoreAudio, even its lowest level HAL layer.

In addition, the Integer Mode that was no more available in Lion is back for all the devices that offered it in Snow Leopard!

As it is now at a good level of maturity, I’ve decided to release Direct Mode as a public beta for you to enjoy it now. I will continue to improve it, taking you feedback into account, and pursuing the optimization ideas I’ve identified.

The beta is no longer available for download. Directly download the official version that now includes Direct Mode.

Be sure to enable Direct Mode in the Audio System panel of Audirvana Plus user preferences.

And enjoy!

Note that as this is a BETA, the automated updates are disabled. You’ll get notification of updates in this post, in #audirvana tweets, or on Facebook (Audirvana Plus). And use the link above to download the latest version. update (June 3rd, 2012)

  • Metric Halo, RME devices support (including Direct Mode for Metric Halo)
  • Strengthened recovery from clicks
  • Safety net to prevent most kernel panics
  • Long playback sessions stability improvement update (June 9th, 2012)

  • Improved audio signal stability
  • DSD to PCM audio stream playing correctly after a 16bit track on DACs with both 16 & 24bit streams update (July 7th, 2012)

  • Audiophilleo2 compatiblity, fixing both bitrate & sample rate change when changing track
  • Update play count and last played date in iTunes, even when play position in iTunes is deactivated
  • Fix for potential crash when hot-unplugging the playing audio device
  • Fix issue when loading a proxy file with broken link to the original file update (July 16th, 2012)

  • Stability improvement update (July 26th, 2012)

  • Stability improvement
  • Code Signing for Mountain Lion GateKeeper update (August 1st, 2012)

  • Direct Mode playback startup (initial and after sample rate change) stability improvement
  • Bugfix for bit depth change at track transition update (August 19th, 2012)

  • Direct Mode stability improvement
  • Minor bug fixes update (September 11th, 2012)

  • Direct Mode stability improvement update (October 25th, 2012)

  • Direct Mode stability improvement
  • Allow screen saver during playback (but not computer sleep)
  • Workaround for Mountain Lion Airplay channels swap bug
  • Other bug fixes
  • And Sound Quality improvement update (November 26th, 2012)

  • Dropouts fixes, especially for FW DACs

 December 9th: Official 1.4 release!


Enjoying native DSD

I’ve received from exD their latest native DSD capable DAC, and I must say I rediscovered my DSD files, the transparency is so impressive that I can easily tell where each instrument is located, even in a large orchestra setup…

Many thanks to the exD team for making this possible!

Official iTunes integration version released

The 1.1.0 is now released, bringing the iTunes integration.
Giving, in addition to the classic playlist mode, the ability to use iTunes library features and (remote) control abilities.

Audirvana Plus demoed on Esoteric at Malmö Hifi Show

Audirvana Plus has been used as the source of choice for demoing the ultra high end Esoteric electronics and the Amphion loudspeakers at the Malmö Hifi Show last 5-6 November, in Sweden.

There were two setups: one with a Macbook Pro connected to an integrated RZ-1 system,
and the other one with a headless Mac Mini connected to a K-03 DAC/SACD player, C-03 pre, A-03 poweramp feeding Amphion Argon 7L speakers.

Many thanks to Patrik Klangerstedt from KAVENA Multimedia for the pictures.