Hi-Res Streaming Services


TIDAL is an American streaming service, available in 52 countries, which offers more than 60 million songs.The service offers high-fidelity, CD-quality music, and high resolution in MQA format. The Audirvana license provides two additional TIDAL free discovery months if you subscribe to the HiFi tier (offer reserved for new TIDAL signups).


Qobuz originated in France and has become available in about 15 countries including the U.S. since 2019. It offers 40 million titles in CD quality, with an extensive classical repertoire, and nearly 200,000 albums in high-res audio quality (FLAC). The acquisition of the Audirvana license entitles you to two additional Qobuz free discovery months if you subscribe to the HI-FI offer (reserved for new Qobuz users, not yet available in the U.S.).


HIGHRESAUDIO is a service of German origin, available in Europe, which exclusively offers 24-bit recordings in high resolution with the highest possible sampling rate, covering all types of music and genres. With more than 45,000 albums on offer, HIGHRESAUDIO offers a wide range of music for hi-fi enthusiasts and music lovers who appreciate and appreciate a purist and unaltered sound quality.

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