Audirvana Story

Audirvana is a software program. Company founder Damien Plisson developed it in 2010 as a hobby. In less than 10 years it has become the reference solution on Mac for professionals and enthusiasts who expect uncompromised digital music playback.

In the beginning, Damien wanted to play his ripped CDs from his computer but could not find a solution that offered both satisfactory sound and management of his high-resolution music library. Surprised this was not available on the market, he decided to work on it himself and developed the first version of Audirvana, which he shared online for free.

With enthusiastic feedback from early users around the world, Audirvana Plus 1 was launched in 2011. In 2012, it received the readers’ prize from the online magazine Computer Audiophile. Since then it has constantly developed, strengthened its technologies, adapted to new products and platforms, and offered new features. Today it is the most comprehensive and universal product in its category. Now “THE reference in audiophile playback software on Mac” (WHAT HI*FI?, 2017), it has also been available in Windows since mid-2018.

Damien Plisson

Music lover, founder, and CEO of Audirvana, Damien Plisson holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and is a graduate of the École Centrale Paris. He still writes code, and involves himself in product support as often as possible, but he spends most of his time supervising the evolution of the product in collaboration with a team of developers, user-interface designers, and ergonomists just as demanding and passionate for music as he is.

The Community Talks About Us

“The best my stereo has ever sounded”

This is the best my stereo has ever sounded. This is a complete redo of the whole operating system and it sounds fabulous. If you want the best of your stereo you need Audirvana 3.5 the best computer software I’ve ever heard well done Damien

Greg L.

“So organic and detailed”

Audirvana to me sounds so organic and detailed. Everything in the mix is so easy to follow and every sound has shape, body and space. I’m amazed software can make such a difference. Also, whenever I’ve heard systems I’ve considered to be detailed in the past, they are generally bright to give everything a lift and normally fatiguing and headache inducing as a result. Somehow Audirvana manages incredible detail without this trait at all.


“So emotionally Involving”

I never had imagined, digital reproduced music could be so emotionally involving as with this set-up. Over and over, I find myself listening to the full album; for me one of the most important things, as this is the sole purpose of our efforts : listening to the music. Due to Audirvana my analog system is not being used a lot these days.

Lars H.

“The best streaming”

I don’t often send emails like this… But am listening to your software with Qobuz and can safely say it is the best streaming I have ever heard…. Light years ahead of the other! Amazing.

Michael P.

“The sound quality is magic”

I do like the new UI, much easier to navigate around and the sound quality is magic, it is an analogue sound to me with the convenience of digital. I am hearing detail and smoothness in my music that I hadn’t heard before.

Dennis O'H.

“Superior to Anything I’ve heard”

As a classical-music reviewer specialising in high-res downloads I have worked my way through most available media players. Audirvana Plus is several cuts above them all, especially in its latest release […]. Sound quality is vastly superior to anything else I have tried; also, Audirvana Plus offers very useful tweaks, a library function and a much improved interface. I really cannot recommend this product highly enough; Damien’s quick, courteous support is an added bonus.

Dan Morgan

“Worth the long wait”

Well worth the long wait. Looks great and sounds even better. Well done Damien !

Mev D.

” The recently-released Audirvana Plus 3 has become the first desktop music player for MacOS to include an integrated MQA Core decoder. ”


” Audirvana Plus est LA référence en matière de logiciel de lecture audiophile sur Mac. Avec sa nouvelle version 3, la lecture des fichiers MQA est au programme, ce qui sera une première sur le marché. ”

What HiFi France

« Bonne nouvelle : Audirvana Plus, le lecteur Hifi pour Mac mondialement reconnu, arrive désormais pour les utilisateurs de PC, avec sa nouvelle interface pour Windows 10. »


Zusammenhängende Titel, etwa bei Opern-Alben, gibt Audirvana nahtlos wieder, wobei allenfalls ein paar Millisekunden verschluckt werden. In der Klangqualität steht die Windows-Version aber dem Mac-Player in nichts nach.


« La HiFi enfin pour les PC »

« Nul besoin d’investir des sommes considérables pour profiter d’un son haut de gamme sur son ordinateur. » »

« Damien Plisson ingénieur, a créé Audirvana Plus. Un logiciel lancé en 2011 pour les Mac d’Apple qui vient d’arriver pour la première fois sur PC. »


Audirvana Plus dans la rubrique “Coup de Coeur” du Magazine iCreate n.133

” L’essayer c’est l’adopter et on comprend vite pourquoi Audirvana est l’app chouchou des audiophiles”