Libraries and Playlists


Audirvana manages any library from the smallest to the largest. It offers well-proven performance with a library of more than 270,000 tracks! To add your music in Audirvana, go to preferences and in the section library, select the folder(s) where your music is located and that’s it! Any new files will be automatically added to the Audirvana library. Synchronization with your iTunes library is optional.

Audirvana offers you all navigation features you can expect:

  • libraries and playlist menu including streaming services
  • view options including songs, and zoomable thumbnail view of albums and artists and mini-player mode
  • metadata edition with advanced options for classical music: conductor, orchestra, soloist, period, style, main instrument
  • quick search and advanced sorting filters 
  • favorites and album scoring
  • editable playcue
  • manual playlist and smart playlist edition  


In addition to manual playlists, you can create smart playlists with your local files whose content is automatically updated according to criteria you define.

You can also access the playlists created within your streaming service and edit them directly in Audirvana.


Creating playlist

1 – Create “new Smart Playlist”

Simply click on the plus sign next to the Playlist title on the left of your Audirvana interface.

Adding criteria

2 – Add criteria of your choice

Add one or more of the 37 different sorting criteria to choose the music you want in your Smart Playlist.

Choosing file types

3 – Choose file types and save your playlist

You can then specify the file types you want to add such as their DSD sampling or other. Finally, save and enjoy your music.

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