How to manage Metadata in Audirvana Plus ?

Discover Metadata Management in Audirvana Plus

Audirvana Plus gives you the ability to view and edit metadata for your songs and albums. These metadata are directly recorded in the audio file. 

To display the metadata editor, go to the “View” menu > Then click on “Show metadata”. The metadata editor will open on the right side of your interface, you just have to click on the track or album of your choice to view the metadata.

Audirvana Plus gives you access to two metadata editors:

  • the metadata editor for tracks
  • the metadata editor for albums

Information about Metadata Storage

All metadata (such as ratings, groupings and comments… for each album in the library) are recorded in audio files, according to established standards. The metadata content is automatically updated after modification.

Read more about audio file formats

However, information regarding the date and number of playback sessions, as well as Playlists are only stored in the database. If you delete the AudirvanaPlusDatabase.sqlite file from the database, this is the only information that can be lost.


After importing your music into Audirvana Plus, some tracks or albums may be misfiled and some album art may not appear.

This problem does not come from Audirvana Plus but from audio file formats that have missing or poor quality metadata.

If the same problem occurs for a large number of albums, you can use third-party automatic recognition software, for example: Musicbrainz Picard, or Yate.

It is currently not possible to change metadata for the following audio file formats:

  • CueSheet (.cue)
  • SACD ISO (.iso)