How to manage Playlists in Audirvana Plus ?

Discover how to create and manage Playlists in Audirvana Plus

Once you have imported your music into Audirvana Plus, the software will directly catalog your music in a directory called “Sources” depending on where it comes from:

  • Either they come from your library and are stored in the “Library” directory,
  • Either they come from streaming services integrated in Audirvana Plus, and they are arranged according to the streaming service used (TIDAL, Qobuz and HIGHRESAUDIO).

To manage, store and classify your music the way you want, Audirvana Plus offers you to create your own playlists. Playlists must always contain titles or albums from the same Source.

  • Library’s playlists can only contain audio files (tracks or albums) from the Library.
  • Streaming Services Playlists can only contain files from Streaming Services. For example: You can only put titles or albums from Qobuz into a Playlist created in the Qobuz directory of the “Playlist” section.