The ultimate digital audio playback software

Manage and play your local files and favorite high quality streaming services in all formats within a single intuitive software interfaceEnjoy an uncompromised audio playback and make the most of your sound system with advanced options and settings.

libraries and playlists


It looks familiar at first glance, regardless of the size or location of your music library. Let Audirvana know where to find your tracks, then navigate using an easy and elegant interface, create your playlists and favorite lists using smart filtering options, edit their metadata and organize them as you wish.
> Learn more about Libraries and Playlists.

Audio file formats

Viva Diversity!

It’s simple. Audirvana is an universal platform accepting all PCM formats used by our customers including multi-channel files — FLAC, Apple Lossless, AIFF, WAV — as well as M4A, MP3, WavPack, Cue Sheets, or APE. Audirvana performs optimal MQA and native DSD playback.
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HI-RES Streaming services

Your Ideal Library

Audirvana offers you unlimited access to high-resolution music libraries within the same interface and with the same audio playback quality. Our partners — TIDAL (with Master MQA), Qobuz (Studio Master) and HRA Streaming — all offer superior quality streaming with exclusive advantages.
> Learn more about Hi-Res Streaming Services

Audio device settings

Match your speakers

Within Audirvana you can select the sound system to play on and enjoy a great sound quality. You can also access advanced features to reach its full potential and optimize its interaction with Audirvana including DAC resolution thresholds, format related and oversampling options.

Your system can be the internal output of your computer or an external sound card/DAC connected via USB. Audirvana can also connect wirelessly to your system without any quality loss using the universal network protocol UPnP/DLNA. You can still of course simply send the sound to your speakers via Bluetooth or Airplay (Mac).
> Learn more about Audio Device Settings

EQ and effects

Bespoke performance

If you want to use an EQ to fix an issue with your system or your listening room, Audirvana allows you to use external filters (Audio Units or VST3) that will apply the requested processing to all the music played.
> Learn more about EQ and effects 

Audirvana remote

More Freedom

Don’t stay behind your computer. Take control of Audirvana with your smartphone or tablet with the Audirvana Remote app. Download the Android version for free from the Play Store and the iOS version on the App Store.

Audirvana Remote allows you to browse all music libraries accessible from the application, create, rename and reorganize Playlists, fine-tune the volume level, select the output audio device, and much more. Only a few advanced parameters remain voluntarily accessible only on Audirvana.

Note that these are remote controls: Audirvana continues to process the audio data on your computer to ensure optimal sound quality. This cannot be achieved using iOS or Android.

Minimum requirements

What do I need to run Audirvana ?

On macOS:


OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) or later




On Windows 10:


Windows 10 64bits




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