Volume Control and Replay Gain

Audirvana has its own digital volume control

Most devices come with a volume control, analog or digital. When this feature can be controlled by Audirvana, you will automatically see an adjustable volume control bar in the software.

If this is not the case, you can always set the volume outside Audirvana using your device’s interface. You can also activate the Audirvana software volume control in the audio settings.

Audirvana then uses the computing power of your computer to process the volume adjustments with high accuracy before sending the data to your device.

If your device’s volume is not set to full scale (0 dB), its attenuation will come in addition to the one processed within Audirvana.

Note that this feature is only available when your DAC is connected via USB. When connected via UPnP/DLNA, the larger buffer size of network devices induces a latency that is not compatible with this feature (time delay).

Level the volume between songs with Replay Gain

The recording level between two audio files is often very different, and the volume must be adjusted manually between each track.

With Replay Gain, Audirvana allows you to automatically adjust the playback volume of the tracks to keep an even audio level troughout your playlist. This is done using the loudness information contained in the metadata of the audio files according to the EBU R128 standard.

Replay Gain can be applied to all your local files and to the streaming services that make this information available in the file metadata*. You will find it in the Audirvana audio settings:


1 – Click on the speaker icon

Then click on the arrow just right of your device to access Audirvana’s audio settings.


2 – Set the volume control

Enable or disable the software volume control, and set a maximum audio volume limit for Replay Gain.


3 – Choose the right Replay Gain mode

It is advisable to start with the option “preserve album dynamics“, to keep the dynamics meant by the artist.


If the loudness information of some of your albums is missing, you can use Audirvana’s album Replay Gain analyser tool to be able to create this metadata and play them using Replay Gain.

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