About Audirvana

Discover the story of Audirvana

The story begins when Damien Plisson, a music lover and Mac addict, looked for a way to dematerialize his large CD library.  He wanted to listen to his music with the convenience of his Mac computer without losing the Sound Quality of his SACD player.

With his advanced knowledge in Computer Science, he developed his own program in parallel with his professional activity. The first commercial release of Audirvana Plus was made in 2011 and has since attracted more than 80 000 music lovers on Mac.

Since 2015, Damien Plisson has been working full time on the development of AUDIRVANA, using his passion for both Music and Computer Science. Since then, he works with a team of developers, graphic designers (UI designers), ergonomists (UX designers) who share his passion for music.

In 2017, HiFi manufacturers asked Damien to develop his software for PC users. As a result, the software was totally re-written from scratch in order to meet the expectations of Audirvana Plus’ users. In June 2018, AUDIRVANA PLUS for Windows 10 was released with a new and more user-friendly User Interface.

Damien Plisson is considered as an international expert in the audiophile world. This music lover and computer enthusiast is an engineer who graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris and also holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles).

After graduating, Damien Plisson worked in major international companies as:

  • Architect and project manager on real-time software development in medical robotics
  • Strategy consultant
  • Strategic Marketing Specialist at Dassault Systèmes

Since its creation, the company AUDIRVANA has developed AUDIRVANA PLUS, the music player software for Mac, that quickly turned out to be the most popular music player for audiophiles around the world.

Moreover, the Sound Quality and Reliability of Audirvana Plus have convinced many Sound Engineers who use it both in Studio as well as in Live Concerts. Audirvana has received many awards since its creation, such as :

  • The 2012 Product of the Year Prize awarded by readers of the Computer Audiophile website
  • The 2014 Reader Choice Award from Positive Feedback Online
  • The 2016 Audio Excellence Award of the Japanese magazine AUDIO ACCESSORY
  • The 2017-2018 REMARQUABLE Prize of VUmètre, the French non-conformist HiFi magazine