Audirvāna Origin

Back to basics. Our subscription-free solution dedicated solely to your local library.

You want to use Audirvāna without streaming nor subscription?

Audirvāna Origin offers you all the features of the original version of Audirvāna to manage and play your local music library and more.

Audirvāna Origin is available as a one-time purchase at the price of .

Enjoy all the features of Audirvāna Origin to listen to your local music in the best way possible.

Exclusive core player with Kernel Streaming on Windows

Signal processing toolkit with additional R8brain oversampling algorithm

HD Library Manager with new metadata editor

Extended audirvāna remote experience

Intuitive music browser with folder view and playlist manager

Native Apple Silicon, Windows 11 and Linux ALSA compatiblity

New advanced playback console with Audio Scan

Universal HD wireless connection including Chromecast

License Origin

One time purchase

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