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Audirvāna is now available on Linux

All the quality and functionality of Audirvāna directly on your server.
With the new Core Player App on your music server or NAS, control everything from your tablet or smartphone, without the need for a computer.

All the features of Audirvāna

The application embeds all Audirvāna’s exclusive technology and features. This includes the audio player itself, the entire library management suite, as well as integration of partner HD streaming services, online radios and podcasts*.

*with the exception, for the moment, of editing audio file metadata and integrating signal processing for equalization or acoustic treatment.

Compatible with all Linux-based devices

The Core Player App runs on the Linux operating system most frequently used by music servers and storage servers or NAS (QNAP/Synology), but also on compact devices equipped with a sufficiently powerful processor. Packages are available for different environments, including Intel and ARM.


In concrete terms, Audirvāna can be pre-installed on your music server in the case of certain partner brands, or you can download and install it yourself – or with the help of your installer – on your NAS, or music server if you can access the operating system, or on any other compatible device.

Control everything with the Mobile App

The app is so-called ‘headless’, meaning it has no interface of its own. Apart from installation, it can be controlled entirely from the free Audirvāna Remote mobile app for Android and iOS.

Some devices with a graphical interface can also interact with the software via Linux sockets.

Audirvana Core Logo 060624

Works with Audirvāna Studio or Origin

You can use the Core Player app with your Audirvāna account and a valid Studio subscription, or a recent Origin license*.

Some devices with a graphical interface can also interact with the software via Linux sockets.

*The first generation of Origin licenses for Mac and Windows was marketed prior to June 2024 at a price lower than the current price. If you own one, you can purchase an upgrade option to include access to the Linux version and future updates (check prices).



Processor Intel 64 bit or ARM 64 bit

Min. 1 Go de RAM available

Recommended 4 Go (for DSD upsampling)

Debian or RPM packages