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Studio Classic

Monthly subscription



No time-commitment
Exclusive streaming service advantage
Audirvana Barre
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Studio Access

Yearly subscription




12 months below
a month
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License Origin

One time purchase



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Upgrade Origin

for 1st generation licenses*



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Studio Classic
Monthly Subscription
Studio Access
Yearly Subscription

Preferred price for older versions owners

Multiple installs (one simultaneous use)

Discount for yearly payment

Audio Quality: Exclusive Core Player for Mac Windows & Linux

Library manager & browser (>500K tracks)

DAC usb and wireless connection

Playback console & processing toolkit

Offline mode

Free Remote App

Online streaming content (Streaming service, radios, podcasts) and integration (mixed playlists etc.)

Online metadata recovery (universal track ID identification)

Extended free trial with Qobuz for new subscribers

Regular features updates

Min. 1/year until 2027

OS compatiblity updates

Min. 2 years

Easier to use, better sound, richer content.

Discover all the evolutions since the previous versions of Audirvāna.

Preferential offer for Audirvāna customers

Dear Audirvāna User,

You can get your first year Studio Āccess for (or equivalent in your currency) if you own a legacy license of Audirvāna or purchased Audirvāna Origin.

You can also get Audirvāna Origin for (or equivalent in your currency) if you own a legacy license of Audirvāna or if you are subscribed to Audirvāna Studio.

To benefit from this offers, start a trial here using the same email address you have used to purchase Audirvāna in the first place and go to your account here .

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1st generation Audirvāna Origin license update

The first generation of Origin licenses was marketed until June 2024 at a price lower than the current price.

You can upgrade your first-generation license with this paid option, which will extend your license to Linux and NAS versions, extend your operating system compatibility guarantee by two years, and enable you to benefit from Origin functional updates until 2027.

The upgrade extends the rights associated with your license without any change to your account or license number.