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You system plays seamlessly with Audirvāna.

Plāys with Audirvāna is a partnership with well-known and prestigious manufacturers to certify their customers a seamless interaction between their favorite software player and hardware system.

The partners listed below are manufacturers of audio equipments (DACs, Integrated units, network players, active speakers,…) which have been certified to work with Audirvāna and whose customers can benefit from special advantages.

Our partners

You want to become a partner?

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‘Plāys with Audirvāna’ is not a proprietary protocol and does not add extra costs for the customers or the manufacturers. It is a certification based on a simple and comprehensive test protocol checking all aspects of the interoperability between the equipment and Audirvāna for the concerned connection mode: UPnP, USB and or Chromecast. 

For manufacturers, this partnership is also a way to inform their customers Audirvāna can be used seamlessly with their products and deliver the ultimate audio playback quality they are known for. Even when they have their own software interface, Audirvāna can also be the adequate answer to many use cases, and thus extend the functional possibilities of their products.