Easier to use, better sound, richer content.

Discover all the evolutions since the previous versions of Audirvāna.

Since its launch, Audirvāna Studio has seen many updates adding new features to the already numerous innovations it brought. Here is a summary of everything that has changed in Audirvāna since version 3.5 and earlier. 

Easier to use

Redesigned  interface

New tools, intuitive design, low power and customizable dark theme.

Smart search

Faster and more complete results displayed on the selected search scope.

New Remote with tablet mode

Genuine horizontal tablet mode and full access to sorting and filters.

Playback history

Accessible in one click to find the last 1000 songs listened to.

Folder view

Display the folder tree of the local library.

Chromecast audio

Audirvāna can stream audio to any compatible device including in a multi-room configuration.

Advanced playback console

Easy access to all settings with an overview of all active options.

Device specific settings

Now the audio settings in Audirvāna are automatically saved and linked to the selected output device.

New Remote with tablet mode

The Audirvāna Remote App has been entirely redesigned to fit the new interface.

It now offers a tablet specific design in horizontal mode with a more desktop-software alike interface taking full advantage of the screen size.

The smartphone version also offers new display options such as the access to all sorting and filtering settings.

A better sound

Windows playback engine optimization

Even more powerful playback program to exploit all the possibilities of the windows environment.

MacOS playback engine optimization

Even more powerful playback program to exploit all the possibilities of the MacOS environment.

Kernel streaming

Most direct and transparent driver to play your music with windows, now with its new extreme mode that enhances playback optimization.

Native Apple Silicon version

Audirvāna has been optimized to take advantage of the capabilities of the latest generation of computers equipped with M1 chipsets.

Windows 11 compatibility

Guaranteed performance from Windows 10 to the latest Windows 11 updates.

Latest MacOS compatibility

Ready for the update to Sonoma.

New oversampling algorithm

Now two integrated high-performance algorithms: SOX (SoundExchange) and R8 Brain.

Audio Scan

This exclusive feature scans the audio content of the track being played.

It allows you to know its true resolution and checks if it matches the audio quality listed in its metadata.

A richer content

Mixed playlists and favorites

Favorites and playlists combining songs from your local library and your streaming service.

Last.fm scrobbles

Share your music activity in Audirvāna Studio with your Last.fm account.

Radios and podcasts

65,000 radio stations updated every week and over 55,000 podcasts to discover.

In-app onboarding and help

Step-by-step explanations for an easy start, and integrated contextualized help.

Audio Scan

New tool to check the true audio resolution of your tracks. 

Backup of favorites and playlists

Backup to switch to another computer, export and import Playlists.

Streaming suggestions and autoplay

Pulls up directly in your navigation in Audirvāna.

Universal gapless playback

New option compensating for the faulty UPnP implementation to ensure gapless playback.