Enjoy all your streaming and local music with the best playback sound quality.

HD Library

Audirvāna is an ideal solution to manage and organize your local music library. Compatible with all audio formats, it can synchronize with multiple source folders. You can view and update the information about your music

streaming content

Audirvāna allows you to get access to unlimited online audio content directly within the app and with the same audio playback quality as for your local library. Enjoy over 65,000 Internet radio stations and nearly as many podcasts, as well as the incredible high-resolution music catalogs from our streaming partners.

core player

The digital playback process is at the heart of Audirvāna’s proprietary technology. It prioritizes the music on your computer by minimizing processor activity during playback and always following the shortest possible software path to the audio output. Continuous improvements over the last 10 years ensure the best digital audio playback performance from a computer on both Mac and PC (with the new KERNEL STREAMING mode) and native compatibility with Apple Silicon and windows 11.

playback console

With Audirvāna’s new Advanced Playback Console, you can completely tune the software’s operation to best suit both your usage habits and your system. With its new dashboard and new in-app assistance, it brings together all the available audio settings, and you follow exactly what’s going on. You can check the actual quality of your recordings with the new Audio Scan, and ultimately truly take control.

Intuitive Music

Audirvāna allows you to enjoy all your music in a single application. Focus on the essential with our new intuitive and entirely redesigned browser, including rich new features. Simply browse, search and organize all your music the way you want it!

Signal processing toolkit

Audirvāna provides you with a digital signal processing toolkit that opens up numerous possibilities. You can adjust, personalize and optimize your listening experience according to both your desires and your system.

Universal HD
wireless connection

Audirvāna allows you to wirelessly stream your music to your system without any loss of quality. The software uses Chromecast and the Universal Plug n Play (UPnP) protocol, installed on over 7 billion devices worldwide. If your system is compatible, you can select it from the audio devices list available on your network and start playing your music effortlessly with Audirvāna.

Extended audirvāna remote experience

Take control of your music wherever you are at home with Audirvāna’s universal Remote. This app, designed for smartphones and tablets, is freely available, is the essential addition to the Audirvāna software and will allow you to control it remotely.

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