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Since its establishment in 1938, Elipson has epitomized the creation of high-end acoustic speakers in France. As a major player in the French electro-acoustic industry, Elipson holds over 60 patents and has designed iconic speakers that have left a mark on the global history of acoustics. Our mission is to create coherent speakers that deliver pure and natural sound, revealing impeccable musicality through proven technical principles. Our speakers don’t seek to replace instruments by imposing a specific atmosphere; instead, they foster emotion by breaking down any barriers between the listener and the music.

Xi Range
Equipped with Airplay 2, Chromecast, Wifi, and Bluetooth connectivity, available across the entire Xi series, playing your favorite tracks becomes a breeze. Immerse yourself in a versatile and immersive audio ecosystem through our Elipson Multiroom app, which opens the door to a plethora of music streaming services. Each element of the Xi range embodies a commitment to excellence, aiming to elevate the music experience.

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  • HD library manager
  • Integrated streaming content
  • Exclusive core player 
  • Advanced playback console
  • Signal processing toolkit
  • Intuitive music browser