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EMM Labs is a company founded in 1998 by Ed Meitner, a renowned expert in digital converter design. Initially working with Sony and Phillips to refine the DSD/SACD format and developed the first complete multi-channel DSD playback system. Our team of talented physicists, engineers, and music lovers work together to create high-resolution audio recording and playback products. Today, EMM Labs and its more affordable Meitner Audio brand develop products for a wide variety of applications in the audiophile industry. EMM Labs and Meitner Audio are best known for its multi-award-winning proprietary DSD-based digital-to-analog converters integrated into its EMM Labs DA2, DV2 high end products and widely popular Meitner Audio MA3 products.


All their streamers, DACs and integrated amplifiers series are tested and certified ‘Plāys with Audirvāna’. This guarantees you a smooth experience while enjoying the full potential and performance of the Audirvāna software playing through your EMM Labs equipment.  

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  • HD library manager
  • Integrated streaming content
  • Exclusive core player 
  • Advanced playback console
  • Signal processing toolkit
  • Intuitive music browser