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Since 1961, KEF has firmly established itself at the forefront of audio excellence. From the early adoption of synthetic materials to the pioneering Reference Series that now determines industry standard, a foundation of technological innovation, design, and craftsmanship has led the brand to produce bar-setting products in speaker design.

Founded by BBC engineer Raymond Cooke, KEF is named after its original site, Kent Engineering and Foundry, and continues to manufacture and develop its signature pieces in Maidstone, Kent, UK.

Committed to bringing a superior listening experience to audiophiles, the brand’s revolutionary collection of speakers and subwoofers has evolved to include wireless speaker-systems, portable speakers, and headphones – allowing KEF to bring high-fidelity sound to more people in their homes and on the move.

About LS Wireless Collection

KEF’s engineers and designers have always been looking and listening ahead. The LS Wireless Collection is the sound of the future, bringing breakthrough technology including Uni-Q, Uni-Core, Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT) and Music Integrity Engine (MIE), into the home in a series of all-in-one, plug and play speaker systems. Each of the four models – LS60 Wireless, LS50 Wireless II, LSX II and LSX II LT – are specially developed to deliver room-filling, immersive sound experience for music, TV, movies and gaming. Stream High-Fidelity sound in its truest form, from any source, every time.

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  • HD library manager
  • Integrated streaming content
  • Exclusive core player 
  • Advanced playback console
  • Signal processing toolkit
  • Intuitive music browser