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Ever since 1978, our driving force has been curiosity. We aimed to define the framework of the possible and push its limits a little further each day, and that is what formed the stone of this company. We always aspired to the creation of new findings rather than the exploitation of existing knowledge: From digital signal processing and active units in loudspeakers right to creating the beloved linearity and dynamic range of tubes in a solid-state system and the world’s first DSD 1024-capable player with our HV Series in 2018; we can claim with pride that our belief in science has made T+A one of the world’s leading, most innovative Hi-Fi companies.

Satisfying this goal requires our team of fifteen designers and developers to create every device in our headquarters in Herford, Germany. From the initial design, developing every single circuit board, and finishing with the software code – the stage that brings all the parts together to form a grand ensemble – our devices are developed and 95% of them are built in Herford. They are permeated by the belief on which this company was founded, and which drives all of us forward every day.

Instead of assembly lines, we operate a traditional hand-crafting system: 55 highly trained specialists work in small groups, manually assembling and checking each sub-assembly. This is our way of applying the theory and converting it into practice.
We don’t build mass products, we build acoustic treasures, we build heartbeats, goosebumps, and enthusiasm.

Our HV-series constitutes the pinnacle of what we do. From streamers and DACs to amplifiers and transports, every HV device comes with a whole raft of unique and superior technologies to bring you even closer to what the artist intended whilst recording the music. Amplifier stages work at very high voltages, and are therefore inherently more linear than conventional circuits; the players feature separate high-performance converters for PCM and DSD, digital and analog signal processing are kept consistently separate from each other, and specific subassemblies are galvanically isolated. All devices are fully channel-separated and designed on the double-mono principle. They are of entirely discrete construction, without operational amplifiers (op-amps). The amplifier output is more than 500 Watts per channel. The mechanical construction of all cases is extremely sophisticated, based on an internal framework of 10 mm thick machined aluminum plates. All case components are manufactured from pure aluminum, some of them machined from the solid. Absolutely no ferromagnetic components are used.

Our HV-series are tested and certified ‘Plāys with Audirvāna’. This guarantees you a smooth experience while enjoying the full potential and performance of the Audirvāna software playing through your T+A equipment.  

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