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Our team has members with life long experience in the fields of electronics and acoustics but also being ardent audiophiles all the time. Their knowledge and experience extends to areas not covered in any current academic curriculum. The other part of the team are recently graduated young professionals driven by the passion for audio and educated to the latest trends and cutting edge technologies.

The team has drive and creativity coming from young engineers with the error correction and wisdom of experience of the elders. A combination we see as unique in our field. This way no aspect is overlooked during product design as each team member has a different specialty that adds to the whole. Everyone sees the product from a different angle. Often a creator gets blinded in self delusion and this is where a team is needed to ground the flight of ones wishful imagination and reset its compass bearing. This is also the atmosphere where a seed idea quickly grows into a major technological advance. Even with all that experience in the team we know we don’t know everything. We do not pretend to do and we are not afraid to ask. Knowing who and what to ask is the key for success. 

All our streamers, DACs and integrated amplifiers series are tested and certified ‘Plāys with Audirvāna’. This guarantees you a smooth experience while enjoying the full potential and performance of the Audirvāna software playing through your Thrax equipment.  

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  • HD library manager
  • Integrated streaming content
  • Exclusive core player 
  • Advanced playback console
  • Signal processing toolkit
  • Intuitive music browser