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Update 2.0

Audirvāna evolves.

Discover the new features.

Most important evolution since their launch, Audirvāna Studio & Origin are both upgraded at the same time and include all the new features.

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Audirvāna now integrates Google cast wireless protocol – also known as Chromecast – and can send audio to any compatible device in lossless quality up to 96kHz / 24bits. This is another solution along with UPnP to stream wireless HD audio with Audirvāna.

This opens up a wide range of new possibilities with hundreds of new audio equipment now compatible and the ability to stream music simultaneously to multiple devices in different parts of the home (multi-room).

How to create a group of speakers.

Universal gapless playback

A new option is now available in Audirvāna’s settings to compensate for faulty UPnP implementation in some devices and ensure gapless playback at all times. A must-have for music enthusiasts!

This mode can be switched on of the settings of the output device (gear icon next to the UPnP device selected).

Logo Audioscan

This exclusive feature scans the audio content of the track being played. It reveals its actual resolution and checks if it matches the audio quality featured in the file metadata.

It analyses the frequency response, detects low-res and compressed elements, up-sampling and other processing artifacts.

This is a powerful update of the HD Analyzer previously available in Audirvāna and developed in partnership with Ircam Amplify.

Audirvana V2 AudioScan

Device-specific settings

No need to re-set your settings when you switch between systems. From now on, the audio settings in Audirvāna are automatically saved in association with the output device selected. They are used as default setting for a new device and restored when the former output device – or any known device – is selected again.

Tablet Mode


The Audirvāna Remote App is updated as well.

The main improvement is the addition of a tablet specific design in horizontal mode. It offers a much better user experience for tablet owners with a more desktop-software alike interface taking fully advantage of the screen size.

The smartphone version also offers new display options and multiple interface improvements

New Interface customization options

Many details of the interface have been refined to simplify and improve the software experience.

For instance alphabetical shortcuts are now available in the main view and new customization options have also been added, such as the start view selection and source list editing.

Audirvana V2 Settings