Audirvāna Studio allows you to get access to unlimited online audio content directly within the app and with the same audio playback quality as for your local library. Enjoy over 65,000 Internet radio stations and nearly as many podcasts, as well as the incredible high-resolution music catalogs from our streaming partners.

Internet Radio & Podcasts

of more than 65,000 internet radio stations updated weekly

than 55,000 podcasts to listen to, on any subjects and from everywhere

by country, language, genre, audio stream quality, popularity

addition of new radio stations of your choice if they are not listed in the catalog

Unlimited access to programs
from all over the world.

Listeners of the best broadcasts, Audirvāna switches on the radio for you with a huge regularly updated catalog of digital stations. Easily find your favorite programs, uncover future gems among more than 65,000 worldwide radios and enjoy your favorite shows in the best possible conditions. Tens of thousands of podcasts are also waiting for you.

You can easily browse the catalog sorting them by country of origin, language, popularity, genre, and audio quality!

If one of the radios you like is not listed in the catalog, you can manually add its URL and information and keep it in your favorites.

Integrated HD streaming Partners

New: Enjoy lossless Hi-Res with Tidal Max in Audirvāna

partners in the application: Tidal, Qobuz, High Res Audio and more to come

offers for new subscribers

technical integration to enjoy Audirvāna playback quality

transfer of all entries, playlists, and favorites

The best HD streaming services like
you never heard them before.

Audirvāna allows you to listen to your favorite services directly in the software thanks to our HD streaming partners. These HD streaming partners such as Tidal, QOBUZ, High Res Audio, each have their own field of excellence and specificities, and are present in numerous countries. You can discover them enjoying the exclusive advantages offered to Audirvāna subscribers. You will have access to an incredible HD music library alongside a complete catalog of editorial content. This includes new releases and selections prepared by our partners, and, if you are already a subscriber to one of them, your playlists and favorites. Of course, the music streamed from these services benefits from the quality of our exclusive core player and the audio settings that you have carefully adjusted.

TIDAL MAX is now available in Audirvāna allowing to enjoy lossless HiRes directly within the application. They are now offering full HD FLAC audio files with the HiFi Plus subscription.

TIDAL is an American streaming service, available in 52 countries and offering over 100 million titles in CD quality and over 1 million in master studio quality. This quality is identified as HD in Audirvāna and the actual resolution detailed during playback.

QOBUZ, a unique approach to online music. Qobuz is a high quality music platform. Pioneer of high quality sound since 2007, the 100% French platform offers a unique and exclusive music experience. Qobuz gives all music lovers and audiophiles, access to a wealth of content: more than 80 million tracks available in the best sound quality (Hi-Res and CD) and new editorial content written by a team of experts, passionate about music.

Qobuz is also the only platform in the world to offer streaming and purchase of music files in high resolution.

Qobuz is available in 25 countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Belgium, Colombia, Chile, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Japan (download only), Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA.

HIGHRESAUDIO, a service of German origin and available in Europe, specializes in high-resolution 24-bit recordings with the highest possible sampling rate. With over 45,000 albums and a unique expertise, HIGHRESAUDIO offers a wide range of choices for hi-fi music lovers.