Advanced Playback Console

With Audirvāna’s new Advanced Playback Console, you can completely tune the software’s operation to best suit both your usage habits and your system. With its new dashboard, it brings together all the available audio settings, and you follow exactly what’s going on and ultimately truly take control.

Active settings dashboard

Get in the driver's seat

giving a complete technical overview of the playback process
the active settings both on the computer and the audio device
of every stage of the audio process
settings modification windows accessible directly from the dashboard

Audio file analyzer

Trust what you listen to!

of each modification at the different stages of processing
Frequency Analyzer

Custom device Presets

Switch between systems with peace of mind

of the settings associated with an audio device
of these settings when selecting this device

Comprehensive In-App technical assistance

Don't look for the user manual, everything is explained in the application

window available for each section of the audio settings
of technical audio terms used
about each setting in the language chosen for the application