Multisource Browser

Audirvāna allows you to enjoy all your music in a single application, whatever the source. Focus on the essential with our new intuitive and entirely redesigned browser, including rich new features. Simply browse, search and organize all your music the way you want it!

Mixed favorites & Playlists in MyMusic lab

in one place and one click away in ‘MyMusic’ section of the source selector

combining local and online tracks for streaming services (Studio only)

of your favorites and playlists from integrated streaming partners (Studio only)

of new playlists in one click

to the playlists of your choice in the source selector

Immediate access to all your
favorite music.

It’s your music: you love it, you organize it, you listen to it the way you want. With the Mymusic lab, accessible in one click in the source selector, create and organize your favorites and playlists without worrying about the origin of the tracks. As soon as you connect to one of our streaming partner, all your favorites are added: artists, tracks, albums. You can also access your favorite radio stations and podcasts.

You can add shortcuts to the playlists of your choice in the source selector. A shortcut is also automatically added there when creating a new playlist.


in a separate and repositionable window
to delete, move, rename your playlists and folders without hindering your navigation
of new playlists, playlist folders and smart playlists
playlist illustrations, descriptions and genres

The tool you expected without knowing it.

When you’re working on your playlists, you want to see them, organize them. At the same time, you want to look for the tracks you want to add to them. Audirvāna has imagined for your convenience a new Playlist management tool to do all this in a very simple manner. You can browse and search for songs throughout sources without being bothered, and all your Playlists are displayed in a separate, repositionable window where you can do everything:

The search function has been completely redesigned and optimized to make your life easier. Your search history is now stored, along with the corresponding results you had selected.

All results are instantly visible in the main view, with the best matches for each source appearing first, followed by those by category: titles, albums, artist, etc. If you don’t see the right result right away, you can expand each category to show all results.

By default, the search is done throughout all your sources (favorites, local library, streaming service, radios etc.), but you can adjust the search perimeter at any time to exclude some of them or keep only one, by clicking or double clicking on the search icons next to it in the source selector.

Audirvana Features Editeur

Browsing and playback history

source always visible
trail showing the nature and position of the main view
backward navigation options
of previously played tracks

Get yourself absorbed by your music
without ever getting lost.

The source selector always remains visible on the left side of the interface and allows you to know where you are in your navigation. Similarly, a breadcrumb trail tells you what is displayed, and where it is in the tree structure.

At any time, a backspace function in your navigation allows you to go back to a given point in your route, up to 20 screens back.

Finally, we’ve added a history feature that lets you find a song you’ve listened to, even a long time ago (history of up to 1,000 songs).

Content display customization

at your fingertips to change the display of your music
to change the display order of the elements
to keep only certain elements according to your criteria
or thumbnail display with zoom function

with tree structure

theme with font size options

Manage how your music is displayed.

You can also display your music the way you want to: with cover art thumbnails, as lists, large, small, in alphabetical order, HD formats only etc. With the new toolbar you can directly zoom, change the display mode, sort and filter the content of the main view.

The new sort editor is now more easily accessible. It defines several sorting criteria, applied one after the other.

You can modify them to redefine the display order of the elements of the main view according to your habits or the needs of the moment. These sorting logics can be applied to a general type of display, for example playlists, or only to a particular view. Note that when items are displayed in list mode, you can also change the sort logic directly by clicking on the column headings.

Filters are now also available in a new editor in the toolbar. They allow you to keep in the main view, only those items that interest you out of a larger set of albums or tracks for example. Filters work by applying successive criteria to a selection. The same editor allows you to apply rules to select a group of items that match them. These are especially useful while defining smart playlists.

Finally, we have also designed a dark theme, which is more pleasant to look at and more energy efficient. It also enhances album covers and artwork. The interface is of course adjustable to your taste: adopting a clear theme if it suits you better, increasing the size of the texts, changing the order and number of sources displayed in the appearance section of the settings.