Exclusive Core Player

The digital playback process is at the heart of Audirvāna’s proprietary technology.
It prioritizes the music on your computer by minimizing processor activity during playback and always following the shortest possible software path to the audio output. Continuous improvements over the last 10 years ensure the best digital audio playback performance from a computer on both Mac and PC with the new KERNEL STREAMING mode.

Exclusive DAC access

The perfect beat. Leave nothing between you and the music.

and exclusive access to the audio device (DAC)
the audio mixer to avoid unwanted format alterations

Upstream Processing

Restlessness gives way to silence


of the processor before playback for decoding and processing
operation optimized by sending a ‘ready-to-play’ digital audio stream

Kernel level programming

The shortest possible path.

engine written in the most direct language allowed for each operating system

optimized for each type of processor including the new Apple Silicon generation

with several drivers under Windows 10 including now the KERNEL STREAMING mode offering unrivaled transparency

System Optimizer

Give your music the level of priority it deserves.

of the priority level given to Audirvana on processor access
of SysOptimizer under MacOS for adjustment directly in the settings
possibility under Windows10 with third party applications such as Fidelizer