A metadata editor is available in Audirvana The term ‘metadata’ describes all the non-musical information contained in an audio file such as Cover Art, Title, Album, Artist, Composer, Year, etc. They are essential to browse, identify and sort your music files. Whenever you add a new folder in your synced local music library, Audirvana retrieves […]

Volume Control and Replay Gain

Audirvana has its own digital volume control Most devices come with a volume control, analog or digital. When this feature can be controlled by Audirvana, you will automatically see an adjustable volume control bar in the software. If this is not the case, you can always set the volume outside Audirvana using your device’s interface. […]

Hi-Res Streaming Services

Tidal TIDAL is an American streaming service, available in 52 countries, which offers more than 60 million songs.The service offers high-fidelity, CD-quality music, and high resolution in MQA format. The Audirvana license provides two additional TIDAL free discovery months if you subscribe to the HiFi tier (offer reserved for new TIDAL signups). Qobuz Qobuz originated […]

Audio Device Settings

DAC settings and oversampling When choosing the system on which Audirvana will play your music, you select the digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that will transform the digital data into an analog electrical signal that will drive your speakers. The DAC is a key element in sound quality. For example, if you listen through your computer’s headphone […]

Audio File Formats

PCM Formats To help you fully enjoy your music, Audirvana offers a universal service that supports all the formats you need so you can play your audio files without having to modify or downgrade them. There are two main families of digital audio formats: Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) and Direct Stream Digital (DSD). The PCM […]

Libraries and Playlists

Navigation Audirvana manages any library from the smallest to the largest. It offers well-proven performance with a library of more than 270,000 tracks! To add your music in Audirvana, go to preferences and in the section library, select the folder(s) where your music is located and that’s it! Any new files will be automatically added […]

EQ and Effects

The use of an external filter, or audio plug-in, modifies the frequency response of all songs played. This can be useful to correct room resonance, change the signature of an audio system, or apply a specific effect. Audirvana can integrate AudioUnits under macOS, or VST3 under Windows, into the signal processing chain. Set the compatible […]